Ultrasound Technician Schools and Careers

At Caris College, we offer accredited sonography courses in Indiana. Over the course of the program, you will study anatomy and physiology, receive training on specialized equipment, and learn how to scan and produce diagnostic images. Start your new career as a...

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Patient Care Technician Programs near Louisville KY

When you choose Caris College, your new career as a Patient Care Technician can begin in as little as seven months. Our curriculum is balanced between lecture, lab work, and real life healthcare settings, so you get the education and hands-on training you need. This...

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Dental Assistant School and Careers

Are you looking for an in demand profession that offers variety? Start on your new career path at Caris College's dental assistant school in Indiana. A career in dental assisting allows compassionate medical professionals to work in many different settings. Dental...

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