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Expanded Duties Dental Assisting

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Our Dental Assisting Program prepares students to graduate as a certified Expanded Duties Dental Assistant in as little as 7 months.

At Caris College, our Expanded Duties Dental Assisting students are taught in an environment that is a complete duplicate of an actual dental office.  Instruction and training take place in two settings: our business classroom to learn front office responsibilities and the clinical lab to learn patient and dental care techniques.  We know Dental Assistants bring value to any dental care team so we ensure each student has confidently learned, trained and practiced the following patient and dental care services prior to externship:

•  Assist the dentist with a variety of treatment procedures including surgery
•  Place and condense amalgam and composite to fill cavities
•  Apply topical fluoride varnish and sealants
•  Apply Coronal Polishing
•  Pouring and trimming dental models to create impressions
•  Place and fabricate temporary crowns, removal of composite using slow-speed handpiece to de-bond brackets
•  Place or remove matrices, temporary separating devices, periodontal dressings, retraction cords
•  Prepare and sterilize instruments and equipment
•  Take and develop dental radiographs while operating x-ray equipment
•  Record the patients’ medical history, blood pressure and pulse
•  Perform office management tasks such as communicating with patients and suppliers (scheduling appointments, answering phones, ordering supplies, etc)

Other significant education and training provided to our Dental Assisting students is insurance billing and coding and treatment planning using Dentrix software.  This software allows the Dental Assistant to provide patients who need multiple procedures or extensive dental work completed, with a long-term treatment plan. This treatment plan comes with a detailed explanation along with insurance coverage and the total amount due.

Dental Assisting Certifications:
The certifications our students are able to earn throughout our Dental Assisting program make them competitive in the job market and allow for growth and upward mobility in the dental field.  We offer one of the top Dental Assisting Programs in Indiana and Kentucky.  You can start your new career as a Dental Assistant in 7-9 months, with certifications in:

•  Expanded Duties Dental Assisting certification
•  Comprehensive Dental Assisting certification
•  Radiation Health and Safety (Dental X-Ray) certification
•  Nomad Pro certification (A Nomad Pro is a handheld x-ray gun that is used to take x-rays of the patient’s teeth.  This new machine is just now finding its way into dental offices.  Our students stand apart from other applicants by already having this certification)
•  and CPR through the American Heart Association


Dental offices like the ones below are seeking professionally trained and certified Dental Assistants to fill that demand:
•  General Dentistry
•  Cosmetic Dentistry
•  Oral Healthcare
•  Pediatric Dentist
•  Endodontist
•  Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
•  Orthodontist
•  Periodontist
•  Prosthodontist

Dental Assisting Program Overview:
• Seven or nine-month accelerated program in a fully functioning dental clinic
• Training provided by experienced instructors who have worked in the field
• 300-hour hands-on externship in an off-site dental office
• Job Placement Assistance and lifetime career services
• Flexible schedules with day and evening classes

Upon graduation, you will be certified as an Expanded Duties Dental Assistant and highly marketable in this in-demand field.  Our Comprehensive Dental Assisting program servicing Indiana and Kentucky residents is governed by the highest industry standards, and instructors stay informed of any and all changes to those standards.

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Caris College is Institutionally Accredited by ABHES (Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools)

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