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Dental Assisting, Patient Care Technician and Sonography Training: Admissions Requirements

Caris College continually strives to maintain a student body that is committed to higher learning and career development. We actively search for students who have a yearning for postsecondary education within the healthcare fields of Dental Assisting, Patient Care and Sonography.

All successful applicants are required to have a personal interview with an Admissions Advisor and have a tour of the facility prior to applying for admission into any program. Applicants are required to be in good health, free of communicable disease and have the ability to fully participate in the discipline in which they seek acceptance without risking injury to themselves or others.

Caris College provides equal admissions opportunity to all applicants. Qualified persons are selected without prejudice or discrimination by reason of race, age, sex, sexual orientation, color, religious belief, national or ethnic origin, or disability. Our institution follows the tenets and spirit of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Otherwise qualified individuals with physical or mental disabilities are eligible for admission on an equal basis with non-disabled applicants, considering reasonable accommodations for their limitations.

General Admission Requirements for all Program Offerings:

  • All applicants must be at least eighteen years old prior to the start of class or have a parent’s signature to enroll in school.
  • All applicants must have earned either a high school diploma or a General Education Development (GED) Certificate prior to enrollment.
  • An Application Fee of $25 and an Entrance Exam Fee of $25 [$50 total] for Acute/Clinical Technician and Comprehensive Dental Assisting made payable to Caris College is required upon signing a Student Enrollment Agreement OR
  • An Application Fee of $40, an Entrance Exam Fee of $25 and a Background Check Fee of $35  [$100 total] for Diagnostic Medical Sonography made payable to Caris College is required upon signing a Student Enrollment Agreement

Pre-admission Requirements for the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program:

The DMS (Diagnostic Medical Sonography) program has a didactic and clinical component which is very structured and demanding of the student. The purpose of pre-admission requirements is to gauge the commitment and abilities of each applicant.

1. Submit a 2 page Essay

The DMS program requires an essay to examine the applicant’s ability to perform research and to communicate through good writing skills. The essay will also focus on why you want to learn sonography and in what specialty you’re interested in obtaining knowledge.

The essay must meet the following criteria, at minimum:

  • Describe the field of Diagnostic Medical Sonography and explain 3 different scopes of practice in which a sonographer can specialize.
  • Why are you interested in becoming a sonographer?
  • In which scope of practice are you most interested?

2. Two recommendation letters

The purpose of obtaining recommendation letters on our prospective students is to help gain insight on how their friends, coworkers, or management staff perceive them.

The recommendation letters must adhere to the following criteria:

  • They cannot be from a family member.
  • One letter can be a personal reference.
  • One letter must be a professional reference on company letterhead.

3. High school transcript

The DMS program requires a high school transcript and/or post-secondary school transcript. Reviewing transcripts is a very important admission process. The program assesses grades in all the courses. The grades in the science and math courses are heavily scrutinized because these courses are the foundation for sonography. The prospective student’s course of study and a prescribed high school program is also indicative of the applicant’s readiness for the program.

4. Applicant Interviews

The DMS Program Director and faculty will review all of the applicants’ recommendation letters, essays, and transcripts. A list of prospective student’s names will be given to the admissions department and interviews will be set up. The DMS staff will provide the admissions department with a list of available interview times for the applicants to choose from. The applicants will be interviewed by the DMS Program Director and faculty with a set of specific questions. The interviewees’ responses will be evaluated and scored. Following the interview, the prospective students will also be given a cumulative mathematics placement exam. If an accepted student receives a score below 75% on the mathematics placement exam, they will be placed on probationary status and be required to take a remedial math course. A grade of 75% or higher must be achieved prior to receiving full admission status. The purpose of the mathematics placement exam is to verify that each applicant has the necessary skills required for the College Algebra, College Physics, and Sonography Physics courses required to successfully complete the DMS Program.

5. Waitlist

Every applicant that does not get accepted into the upcoming class will be given the option to be placed on the waitlist for the next enrolling class. Every student still determined to gain acceptance in our DMS Program is encouraged to revamp their pre-admission criteria and re-apply.


Financial Assistance Options

Caris College offers financing options for those who qualify. The administration and admissions department at Caris will work diligently to assist any student who is committed to pursuing the goal of obtaining a rewarding career in the Healthcare Field.

Caris College is approved for funding from the institutions listed below. We have included their contact information for your convenience. If you have specific questions regarding the requirements for admission to our sonography, dental assisting or patient care technician programs offered at our Jeffersonville, IN Campus, please click here to contact us

WorkOne in Southern Indiana
Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VRS) serving Indiana
1452 Vaxter St.
Clarksville, IN 47129
Phone: 812-948-6102
Counties Served: Clark, Harrison, Scott and Floyd

The offices of Vocational Rehabilitation
Community Action Partnership (CAP)
810 Barret Ave., # 200
Louisville, KY 40204-1772
502-574-1157 or call Maggie at 502-574-5789