Financial Aid

Caris College is designed to provide students with the education and resources they need during and after college. Because tuition can sometimes burden students, one of the tools we’re proud to make available is financial aid. Eligible students enrolled at Caris College have access to federal student aid and can apply using the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).


Before you apply for financial aid, you should familiarize yourself with a few things, such as who is eligible, what financial aid covers, and what you will need to get started. To begin, determine if you qualify for basic financial aid eligibility.

Who Qualifies for Financial Aid?

To qualify for financial aid, students must have a financial need and be a United States citizen or eligible non-citizen. They must also be enrolled in a higher education program. While these are the general requirements, be sure to discuss your eligibility with Caris College’s Financial Aid Office to learn more.

What Does Financial Aid Cover?

If you meet the basic standards of financial eligibility, you may be wondering what financial aid you can anticipate. Perhaps you worry that the cost of tuition, fees, books, and supplies may make college out of reach.

Financial aid is designed to ensure college is attainable for every aspiring student.  Students may be eligible to receive comprehensive financial aid to assist with pursuing their education and to help cover the costs associated with it. These packages can cover everything from tuition and books to room, board, and other associated costs. As a general guideline, the most financial aid FAFSA provides equates to your school’s “Cost of Attendance.” The Cost of Attendance is a figure that is designed to cover the expenses of being a full-time student.

How to Get Started

In as little as three steps, students can initiate the FAFSA process. Below are the steps you’ll need to complete at the Federal Student Aid website to apply for financial aid.

1. Create/Retrieve ID

The first step is creating/retrieving a FAFSA ID. To create your ID, you must provide your social security number (or comparable personal identification for non-residents). Click here to create your FAFSA ID.

2. Complete FAFSA

Once you’re logged in with your credentials, you’ll be prompted to answer a series of questions and provide financial information. This ensures the government understands your unique financial picture. To learn more click here.

3. Enter Code

While completing your FAFSA, be sure to add Caris College to your form to ensure we receive your information. You can do this by entering the Caris College FAFSA code: 042743