Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program

Our Diagnostic Medical Sonography School in Indiana, offers programs that will jump start you into a new and exciting career as an Ultrasound Technician.

Learn more about the DMS program at Caris College by reading about our courses. This will help you decide if you want to apply to our Ultrasound Technician School.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographers are vital members of a health care team. By using the latest imaging technology, Sonographers can help physicians make the right medical diagnosis and help save lives.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer duties may include:
• Performing diagnostic procedures and obtaining diagnostic images
• Interpreting and analyzing imaging scans
• Providing an oral or written summary of the data to the physician for medical diagnosis
• Collaborating with physicians and other members of the health care team
• Obtaining and recording an accurate patient history
• Assist is scheduling, record keeping, and digital image archiving

Our program will give you extensive training on how to produce and interpret diagnostic image protocols using the latest imaging technology. We also ensure you have the people skills to compassionately care for patients who range from healthy to critically ill.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program Overview:
• Twenty-four month accelerated program
• 1320 hour hands-on clinical externship in an off site medical facility
• Day or evening schedules available

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Course Outline:

Our curriculum is balanced between lecture, lab work, and real world medical sonography settings.

Quarter 1

• ANP101 – Anatomy & Physiology 1
• MAT108 – College Algebra
• MED100 – Medical Terminology
• PAT105 – Essentials of Sonography and Patient Care

Quarter 2

• PHY100 – General Physics
• ANP102 – Anatomy and Physiology 2
• SON100 – Intro to Sonography
• SON100L – Intro to Sonography Lab

Quarter 3

• SON110 – Abdominal Sonography
• SON110L – Abdominal Sonography Lab
• SON101 – Sonography Physics

Quarter 4

• SON130 – OB/GYN Sonography
• SON130L – OB/GYN Sonography Lab
• SON120 – Small Parts and Specialized Sonography
• SON120L – Small Parts and Specialized Sonography Lab

Quarter 5

• SON111 – Clincal 1
• MED120 – Medical and Legal Ethics

Quarter 6

• SON121 – Clincal 2
• ENC101 – Interpersonal Communications

Quarter 7

• SON131 – Clincal 3
• BUS115 – Professional Development

Quarter 8

• SON141 – Clinical 4
• SON140 – Ultrasound Seminar

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