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5 Tips to Alleviate School Stress

Going back to school to further your education is a beautiful thing, but it can also be equally stressful. Especially if you’re juggling work, a family and other life priorities like keeping your dog walked and your grass cut. Yes, life can get hectic, even without the added stress of getting your education. So, what’s the secret to balancing all the things that matter and keeping your sanity? We’ve got 5 tips for alleviating school stress and keeping you on the path pursing your future career path.

Get the right amount of sleep

It can be tough to grab enough zzz’s when you’re working, cramming for tests and trying to actually have a life. But nothing will tank your mood faster than sleep deprivation. Staying rested will not only help keep stress levels down, but studies show it can help you perform better.

Create a soothing study zone

When you’re hitting the books and studying for exams, why not do it in a space you love being in? Pick a spot in your home or even at the local café that you feel the most relaxed in. Your happy place! And make it the place you can pour that knowledge into your head, stress-free.

Work out your stress

Or more accurately, get in a workout to de-stress. Going for a run, walking outside, or even going to a yoga class can be a great stress reliever.

Talk yourself out of stress

Sometimes just changing your mindset can alleviate stress. Start and end your days by thinking optimistic thoughts and practice the power of positive thinking. You might be surprised at how persuasive you can be with yourself!

Practice self-care

Let’s face it, you won’t always be able to avoid stress. So, when stress happens, give yourself the self-care you need to bounce back and face another day. Soak in a hot bath with a good book, get a massage, try aromatherapy, or all of the above. Just be kind to yourself when you’re feeling stressed out.

Stress is not what happens to us. It’s our response to what happens, and we get to choose our response. So, give that stress wings and let it fly away to enjoy the journey. After all, getting an education can transform your life.

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