Financial Aid Options for Dental Assisting Students

financial aid options for dental assisting students

It’s safe to say that figuring out the right career path for your future can be one of life’s bigger challenges. But once you’ve decided what to do and where to get the training you need, the next step in the journey to your future is the how. How are you going to pay for […]

What are the differences between Vet Techs and Vet Assistants?

what are the differences between vet techs and vet assistants

If you are an animal lover, a career that involves working with animals is probably your ultimate dream job. The question that you may be asking yourself when deciding on pursuing your dream career in animal care is most likely, “what is the best career path to take?” There are many different career opportunities to […]

What Does an Ultrasound Technician Do?

what does an ultrasound technician do

Ultrasound scanning, also known as sonography, started becoming widely used in obstetrics and gynecology in the 70’s and continues to evolve as a powerful diagnostic tool today. So powerful, in fact, that jobs for Ultrasound Technicians are growing at a faster than average rate with a projected 19,100 jobs being added to the industry by […]

Intro to Practical Nursing Program

intro to practical nursing program

With the healthcare industry growing at a rapid pace, the demand for licensed practical nurses in growing right along with it. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an increase of nearly 69,000 new jobs for licensed practical nurses by 2030.* To meet the demand for these healthcare heroes, Caris College is pleased to […]

Cardiac Sonography vs. General Sonography

cardiac sonography vs general sonography

It’s hard to imagine the healthcare industry without powerful diagnostic tools like ultrasound technology. In fact, advances in ultrasound technology or sonography, have helped doctors transform the world of medicine by allowing them to gather valuable patient information from the inside out. Medical Sonography is projected to grow at a faster than average rate, with […]

Career Paths for Veterinary Assistants

career paths for veterinary assistants

If you are one of those people who have a lifelong love for animals, why not consider a career path that is all about playing a vital role in the care of many different types of animals and pets? That’s where Veterinary Assistants come in. These animal-friendly pros are the backbone of a vet practice […]

How do you know if a career in healthcare is right for you?

how do you know if a career in healthcare is right for you

It’s safe to say that choosing a career path is not only one of life’s most important decisions, but it can also be one of the hardest ones to make. If you’re among the folks who are considering a career in the healthcare industry, the good news is that you’ve narrowed down your search. Now, […]

Career Choices for Vet Assistants

vet assistant students

At Caris College, our veterinary assistant school prepares you to work in vet offices providing valuable care alongside licensed veterinarians. This career choice may be ideal for those interested in providing care for pets of all types. Many people who complete this degree program work as an assistant like this, but there may be other […]

Career Choices for Dental Hygienists

dental hygienist

Many people who attend a dental hygienist educational program may do so to work in this field, providing hygienist services in a dentist’s office. While that is typical right out of school, there may be alternative methods for working in the field as well. Dental Assistant School at Caris College may prepare you to work […]

What is Pre-Nursing and What can I do with this type of Degree?

Do you want to help people feel better? Do you get excited and feel a sense of pride when you can do something to support a person’s unique needs? You may be the ideal candidate for a pre-nursing degree. You’ll need to learn important skills and work to improve your ability to understand patient needs. […]