Diagnostic Medical Sonography Echocardiography

Cardiac Sonographers give doctors the ability to help patients from the inside out.

Cardiac Sonographers, or Echocardiographers, have one of the most important jobs in healthcare helping doctors diagnose heart disease without invasive surgery.


The two-year Diagnostic Medical Sonography Echocardiography program focuses on training students to perform sonographic examinations of a patient’s heart, including the chambers, walls, valves, and blood vessels of the heart. To make sure students receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for the future, the program also features other essential healthcare training in patient care techniques, medical and legal ethics, interpersonal communication, and professional development. Students of the program will gain experience through clinical training and have the opportunity to sit for board exams. Graduates will have the basic skills required to become employed as Cardiac Sonographers.

Program Highlights

  • Graduates earn an Associate Degree of Applied Science
  • Accelerated 24-month program in a fully functioning clinical lab
  • Hands-on training from experienced instructors with real-world experience
  • 1,320-hour externship in a real medical facility
  • Career services and job placement assistance

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What you’ll learn

The Diagnostic Medical Sonography Echocardiography takes place in our on-campus clinical lab, where students receive hands-on training from supportive, knowledgeable instructors with real-life experience in the healthcare industry. Program curriculum combines classroom and hands-on practical training in the following areas:

  • How to perform, analyze and interpret echocardiogram tests
  • Method for producing real-time images of cardiac structures to assist physicians in diagnosing cardiovascular disease
  • Evaluating blood flow, valve function, and chamber size to determine the overall condition of the heart
  • Identifying cardiac abnormalities, chronic heart conditions, narrowed or leaking heart valves, and associated complications
  • Assessing heart for causes of murmurs, chest pain, or shortness of breath

In addition to these specialized skills, each student will also be prepared to perform a variety of other general healthcare duties including:

  • Providing an oral or written summary of the data to the physician for medical diagnosis
  • Collaboration with physicians and other members of a healthcare team
  • Obtain and record an accurate patient medical history
  • Assist in scheduling, record keeping, and digital image archiving

Career Opportunities

Jumpstart your career in healthcare

Graduates of the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Echocardiography program will be eligible to take the Registered Cardiac Sonography (RCS) exam through Cardiac Credentialing International (CCI) and will be prepared to launch their careers as entry-level Cardiac Sonographers.

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