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7 Back to School Tips for Furthering Your Education

The back to school season is already here as summer has flown by! Are you looking to head back to school this fall? Caris College has a few helpful tips for you if you are considering taking the next steps to further your education.

Taking the step to further your education in a post-secondary institution can be a nerve-racking task for many. Whether you’re familiar with post-secondary schooling or not; finding the right college and program can be difficult.

When preparing to head back to school there are many tips and tricks to use to set yourself off on the right foot. Here are just a handful of tips to get your education experience off on the right track.

  1. Research: Visit, perform research and ask questions about the program and school you are considering. It is always better to have more information on the program and school you are looking into. Finding the right fit for your educational journey is a key tip to being successful during classes and in your career. 

Caris College currently offers three programs with both day and evening classes available. We want students to have the flexibility to start classes with ease and on a schedule that works best for them!

Are you interested in working as a Patient Healthcare Specialists with certifications in Phlebotomy, EKG, and Patient Care? Caris college students earn diplomas in this hands-on and 10 month accelerated program all while learning in our fully functioning clinical lab on campus!

Students can also earn an Associates of Applied Science degree at Caris College in our 2-year accelerated Diagnostic Medical Sonography program. Students learn hands-on working with instructors in our fully functioning lab on campus.

Or students can start their career in the dental field in our Comprehensive Dental Assisting program. Students earn their diplomas and can become EDDA [Expanded Duties Dental Assisting] and X-Ray certified in this accelerated seven to nine-month program all while learning in our fully functioning dental lab on campus!


2. Create a schedule: Creating a daily schedule can help keep you and your family on time and prepared for whatever obstacles the day throws at you. Use a planner, calendar, or organization system that works best for you. Whether you’re scheduling around family events, work, or classes; stay organized and top of your work so that you can succeed in the classroom, lab, and in your career.

3. Find a study/workspace & study partner: Finding a few go-to spots to focus on yourself and your schooling work is a great way to be sure to dedicate your time and energy to the work you need to get done for your classes. Working closely with other students and instructors outside of regularly scheduled class time can be beneficial for student success.

Caris College is proud to say we offer FREE touring for all of the programs we offer. Instructors are happy to schedule a time to sit down and work closely with students one-on-one or in large groups at any point of their time spent in our accelerated programs.

4. Be social: Introduce yourself to your classmates, instructors, and staff. Feeling comfortable while learning in a classroom and lab is very important at Caris College. Caris trains our students to work hands-on in the medical field as well as how to communicate with patients that come and go seeking medical treatments.

Before heading out to work in their career field and studying during their externship, it is important that students speak with each other and speak with instructors so that they can ask questions. Being comfortable in the classroom, with yourself, with other students, and instructors at Caris is important because our goal is to prepare you to work under various levels of situations while working in the medical field. 

  5. Financial Help: Many students can be eligible to receive some form of financial aid. Outside of Title IV funding, there are other options, like scholarships, for students who do not qualify for aid or are non-traditional students looking to further their education and receive some type of aid. 

Investing in your education will impact your life and the lives of those you care for. Attending college will open many opportunities such as increased finances, experience, career possibilities, flexibility, and much more! It’s never too late to invest in your future. With so many financial options, there are many ways you can further your education and pay for it too.

Don’t let funding your college degree hold you back. Caris College is here to assist you with your Financial questions regarding FAFSA, scholarships, and much more!

6. Support system: Having a good support system while attending classes at school is important. While at school it is important to have a good support team, it is just as important to have a strong support system at home. Going back to school can require individuals to be flexible with assignments, class time, personal time, and more. Speaking to family, friends, and loved ones about your decision to go back to school can be beneficial. Encourage these important people to be a part of your educational journey.

Caris encourages those interested in coming back to school to bring family, friends, loved ones, children, etc. to visit and tour Caris College throughout the decision process and educational journey. Keeping an open line of communication regarding program information, time commitments, and more is another important tip for success when heading back to school and being successful in and outside of the classroom.

7. Ask for help: Going back to school can raise many questions, concerns, and fears. One of the most helpful things to help yourself when this happens is to remind yourself it is OK to ask for help. 

In most situations you probably are not the only person thinking the of the same question, having the same fear and doubt. It’s OK to not understand just as it is OK to ask for clarification and help in any situation.

Whether you ask during class or take time after class to speak with an instructor, faculty member or staff member; Caris College is here and prepared to help answer anyone who has a question to ask or a fear or concern during the educational journey.

Are you ready to further your education? Caris College is now enrolling for upcoming classes!

Get hands-on training at Caris College in our patient care career programs. Achieve your goal of earning your degree and starting a new career as a Patient Healthcare Specialist in our Patient Care Technician program, Comprehensive Dental Assistant in our CDA program, or a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer in our Ultrasound program! Invest in yourself and research the resources to help reach your education and career goals.

To learn more about our Patient Care Technician, Comprehensive Dental Assisting, and Diagnostic Medical Sonography (also known as Ultrasound Technicians) programs schedule a tour of Caris College today! We are now taking applications and enrolling in all of our upcoming classes at Caris College.