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Career Choices for Dental Assistants

When you earn a diploma from the Dental Assistant School at Caris College, you will have the medical knowledge you need to talk the talk with dentists and patients alike. Everyone on both sides of the dental chair will think you are a dream come true because you speak their language and know what they are going through.

Just as there are many types of doctors and dentists, there are different job titles and descriptions for dental assistants.

Office Manager

If you are a take-charge person and have training in dental assistance, your skills are in high demand to run a dental office.

Hygiene Assistant

Before the hygienist begins cleaning teeth, the hygiene assistant gets the dental patient ready for the procedure. This requires medical knowledge and a confident, reassuring personality.

Endodontic Assistant

Root canals require a skilled dentist and an equally capable dental assistant.

Orthodontist Assistant

An orthodontic assistant works with dentists and directly with patients with braces.

Pediatric Assistant

Do you have a way with kids? You might love being a Pediatric Dental Assistant. You already have a confident, cheerful personality. Now you just need medical training from the Dental Assistant School.

Clinical Dental Assistant

If daily variety is your style, look into becoming a Clinical Dental Assistant. You will assist the dental practice with office tasks and patient care.

Expanded Duties Dental Assistant

You want initials after your name? EDDA stands for Expanded Duties Dental Assistant, and that means you will be qualified to place fillings and temporary crowns, and help the dentist place anything in a patient’s mouth that is not permanent. Other clinical duties go along with an EDDA Certification from Caris College.

There are other areas of specialty for dental assistants, and different types of facilities.  You could assist dentists with oral surgery or periodontics, for example. You will also have the training to become a dental consultant or dental supply representative. Dental insurance claims examiner, laboratory assistant and business office assistant are other potential job titles.

You will acquire technical skills and medical knowledge through the Dental Assistant School at Caris College’s, Jeffersonville IN campus, to prepare you for many career choices as a dental assistant.

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