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Career Choices For Diagnostic Medical Sonography

The Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program at Caris College in Indiana prepares you for a meaningful medical career. Sonography, or ultrasound imaging, is one of the advanced technologies being utilized in health care.

Clinical settings, physician practices, small hospitals and large health care networks all depend on diagnostic medical sonography for the best in patient care.

Based on the education and experience you acquire during your schooling for diagnostic medical sonography, here are a few job descriptions for different types of ultrasound technicians.

Abdominal Ultrasound Technician

An abdominal sonographer performs ultrasounds on a patient’s abdomen, which is the site for the liver, pancreas, spleen, kidneys and gallbladder. If one or more of these organs is enlarged or is in any other way damaged or unstable, an ultrasound image will see it. As the ultrasound technician, you will help keep a nervous patient calm. You also provide physicians with the images they need to make proper diagnoses.

Breast Ultrasound Technician

For a variety of reasons, physicians will order breast imaging for their patients instead of, or in addition to, mammograms. The breast sonography process is not as invasive for patients, but they still respond well to an ultrasound technician who can put them at ease. Your diagnostic medical sonography education comes in handy for procedures and people alike.

OB-GYN Ultrasound Technician

When mothers-to-be need ultrasounds, the ultrasound technician is an important person in their lives. As an OB-GYN sonographer, you will be professional in your medical expertise and personable in making women and their partners feel as comfortable as possible. This gives you the opportunity for human connection within a technology-based field of medicine.

Lead Sonographer and Lead Ultrasound Technician

These are interchangeable terms. They describe a sonographer who has had several years of ultrasound training, experience, and independent performance and is ready to be a manager. The lead sonographer is responsible for training and managing the staff of ultrasound technicians at a clinic, hospital or medical office. The lead sonographer also makes sure the ultrasound equipment is functioning properly, and is on top of industry regulations.

The field of sonography is growing every day. Your education from Caris College includes classes on physics, anatomy and physiology, interpersonal communications, medical ethics and legal ethics, as well as the latest imaging technology available in sonography.

The technical skills and medical knowledge you acquire through the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program at Caris College will prepare you for the many career choices as a sonographer and ultrasound technician.

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