What Does a Medical Assistant Do? 

What does a medical assistant do

If you’re considering pursuing a career as a medical assistant but aren’t sure if it’s the right path for your future, you’ve come to the right place! We’re breaking down what it’s like to be one of the healthcare heroes out there keeping the wheels of the giant healthcare machine rolling. That is precisely what […]

Career Paths for Medical Assistants

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A future as a medical assistant is a great choice for those who want to work in the healthcare field but don’t necessarily want to go through the traditional, years of university education to become a doctor or nurse. Medical assistants provide support to physicians and nurses in a variety of ways and are an […]

Is the Medical Assisting program the right fit for me?

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Are you considering a future in the world of medical assisting? If the answer is yes, you may be asking yourself how you can be sure it’s the right career and the right program for your future. To help you get on the path to making that decision, we’ve rounded up some things to ask […]

Market Demand for Medical Assistants

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The market demand for medical assistants is expected to grow at nearly triple the rate of other professions in the coming years. For anyone interested in a career as a medical assistant, there has never been a better time than now to enroll in Caris College’s 10-month Medical Assistant diploma program. There are several reasons […]

Is Medical Assisting a Good Career Choice?

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Yes, medical assisting is a great career choice! Especially if you care about the well being of others and want a rewarding career choice. Medical assistants are a vital part of healthcare.   What is a Medical Assistant? A medical assistant, also known as a MA, is a medical professional who is responsible for working alongside […]