What Can I Expect from the Veterinary Assistant Program?

Veterinary Assisting program

Are you considering a career caring for the world’s furry (and sometimes not so furry) friends? If so, you might be wondering what being a student in a veterinary assistant program will be like. To get you ready for a future that is all about helping pets and the people who love them, we’re exploring […]

How to Choose the Best Vet Assisting Program for You

How to choose the right vet assisting program for you

Choosing the right career path is a hard enough decision. But once you’ve decided to pursue a career caring for furry friends of all kinds as a veterinary assistant, the next challenging decision is choosing the right training program. After all, where you get your training is going to determine how prepared you are to […]

What are the differences between Vet Techs and Vet Assistants?

what are the differences between vet techs and vet assistants

If you are an animal lover, a career that involves working with animals is probably your ultimate dream job. The question that you may be asking yourself when deciding on pursuing your dream career in animal care is most likely, “what is the best career path to take?” There are many different career opportunities to […]

Career Paths for Veterinary Assistants

career paths for veterinary assistants

If you are one of those people who have a lifelong love for animals, why not consider a career path that is all about playing a vital role in the care of many different types of animals and pets? That’s where Veterinary Assistants come in. These animal-friendly pros are the backbone of a vet practice […]

Career Choices for Vet Assistants

vet assistant students

At Caris College, our veterinary assistant school prepares you to work in vet offices providing valuable care alongside licensed veterinarians. This career choice may be ideal for those interested in providing care for pets of all types. Many people who complete this degree program work as an assistant like this, but there may be other […]

6 Top Reasons to Become a Vet Assistant

Caris College Vet Assistant student holding collar of black dog in classroom

People who love animals often pursue a career that lets them take an active role in promoting the health and well-being of people’s furry companions. A veterinary assistant is a key player in ensuring this mission succeeds, performing tasks that support veterinarians and veterinary technicians to be able to do their jobs. Vet Assistants routinely perform a […]

What Does a Vet Assistant Do?

Smiling Caris College Vet Assistant student hugging black dog

There are more than 135 million pet dogs and cats in the United States, and vet clinics provide health care to keep these companion animals healthy and thriving. Just as with human health care, it takes a team to provide quality service for pets. Vet Assistants are an integral part of this team. In fact, few, if […]

What is a Veterinary Assistant?

a vet taking care of a dog

Veterinary assistants, also known as vet assistants, care for animals under the supervision of a veterinarian or a veterinary technician. Vet assistants care for the pets and help the pets’ owners with whatever they might need. They play a vital role in the veterinary office and in the healthcare field of animals. This is the person […]