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How To Choose Your New Career In 4 Easy Steps

Making the decision to change your career can be exciting but scary, especially when you start looking into jobs in the healthcare field. Sometimes we may doubt that we have what it takes, whether or not we can manage school with the obligations we already have and if we have the support of loved ones. Often, it is just a matter of not knowing how to start!

Step 1. Taking the First Step

If you’re not sure what you are interested in, whether it’s a career as a patient care technician, a dental assistant or an ultrasound technician or even what you might be good at, taking an interest or skills assessment might be a great place to start. An interest assessment will ask you questions to determine what fields you might find rewarding, based upon your personality attributes. A skills assessment uses your current skills to help you find a career that you may be suited for, depending upon your skill set. Try out this Free Online Assessment Test. Either or both of these tools may be a good way to get you thinking about your future!

Step 2. Research

Once you have the results of your interest/skills assessments, you can begin researching what it takes to get into the healthcare or other fields that interests you, what the employment outlook is for the position, what salary you can expect and how much education is needed – whether it is a bachelor degree, associate degree or a diploma. Once you have narrowed your interests down, it’s time to start looking at colleges.

Step 3. College Visits

First, think about what kind of college experience you want. What things are important to you? Think about class sizes, student demographics, scheduling options, location, length of the program, student activities, etc. It is always good to have an idea of what you’re looking for, as well as a list of questions ready for the admissions advisor that you speak with. Today’s best admissions advisors will help you find your educational path, whether or not you choose to attend their institution. At Caris College, we help you find your path with your very own Career Action Plan. Your advisor will help you envision and crystallize your goals, identify any obstacles that may get in your way and finally make a plan to get to where you want to be! Whether it’s with us or another institution!!

Step 4. Admissions Process & Preparation for Classes

Once you have made the decision that is best for you, it’s time to jump in! Follow the admissions process as outlined by the admissions advisor. This may include testing and submitting your high school transcript, GED or previous college transcripts. Talk to your family and/or friends about supporting you through this important step in your life. If you are working, speak with your employer or HR department about going back to school. See if your work schedule can be arranged around your school hours. Also be sure to ask if they offer any kind of tuition assistance. This can be a valuable resource!

If you would like more information about beginning your healthcare career or to make your own Career Action Plan with a Caris College advisor, contact us here or give us a call at 812-952-9791!