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What to Expect After You Graduate

Working to complete an educational program is a big step and it can provide a sense of accomplishment. But, what happens after you graduate? That depends significantly on the program you’ve selected as well as what your goals and needs are.

What You May Need to Do After You Complete Your Program

Each of the programs available at Caris College offers an opportunity for individuals to start out on their own with the skills they need. After graduation, you may need to complete licensing or take other steps depending on the program. Here’s a look at what some may need to do after graduating from our programs:

Cardiac Sonography

Upon graduation, a person may work into management or in leadership positions in hospitals or private practice. This associate’s degree allows a person to work in area hospitals, clinics, and labs in a cardiac sonography position. Some may wish to pursue additional education to further their career goals.

Dental Assisting

Some students completing a dental assisting degree will continue their education into more extensive areas that interest them. A student will learn a Dental Assisting Certificate which qualifies you to work in a variety of private practices and other areas. There is no licensing requirement for dental assistants, so getting to work right away is typically an option.

General Sonography

Students earn an associate’s degree in general sonography within our program. This program allows those who complete it to begin working in the field directly. Students earn a certificate that allows them to start working in area hospitals, clinics, private practices, emergency rooms, and other locations. No additional licensing is necessary unless you decide to continue your career.

Medical Assisting

Graduating with a Medical Assisting diploma allows a student to start working in a variety of fields to provide valuable services to doctors and other healthcare providers. This allows the student to be eligible to take the Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) exam. This exam is provided through the American Medical Technologists (AMT) organization and is necessary to work in the field directly.

Veterinary Assisting

Students completing this program earn an Approved Veterinary Assistant (AVA) certification. Additional education or testing isn’t necessary in the state to begin working with most veterinarians though opportunities to advance education are available as well.

How Can Caris College Help?

With all of the knowledge and skill you have after completing an educational tract with us, Caris College expects you to do big things. The question is, though, how can we help you to get started on the right track? There are several resources available that can help you through this process.

Internship Opportunities

Sometimes during and often after you complete the necessary education, Caris College can help you to set up an externship or internship. This is an opportunity to gain core skills that are incredibly valuable to you in your chosen field. We work with many organizations in the community that are happy to work with our highly skilled students. You’ll learn more about these opportunities within each of your programs.

Job Placement

Often, employers come to us looking for highly qualified individuals to fill available positions. Our goal is to help you to get into a position that fits your qualifications and your goals for your future degree. You can work with our faculty and staff to help you with job placement opportunities right after school ends. That means we can help you get your foot in the door at your first job in the field you desire. Be sure to utilize these services as there are many outstanding companies looking for skills you now have.

Lifelong Job Placement Assistance

As a graduate of Caris College, we continue to provide you with tools and assistance throughout your lifetime. You can come back to us for help with finding a new job or your next career step. We provide our graduates with lifelong opportunities to find new positions.

Support and Guidance

Perhaps you need a bit of guidance after you have started your first job. You may be unsure of core information or you may want to gain additional insight. You can trust that you can come back to speak to your teachers when you need to. Often, our teachers love to hear about your successes as well.

What will you do after your graduate? With so many opportunities available today, it’s likely most students will find themselves on a path towards success. We encourage you to set goals that push you to the next level and to continue to use the services we offer at Caris College to create your career path.