patient care technicians

What are Patient Care Technicians responsible for?

If you’ve ever been in a hospital or clinic, you have been around Patient Care Technicians. Patient Care Techs are the people who work with nurses and doctors, and they work directly with patients to help them feel safe and comfortable.

Providing Direct Patient Care

During the Patient Care Technician program at Caris College’s, Jeffersonville, IN campus, you will learn how to draw blood, how to care for wounds, how to administer an EKG and read the results, along with other medical procedures you would provide directly for a patient.

Patients come in all ages, sizes and conditions, and there are many types of small, medium and large health care facilities. Caris College prepares you for as many health care situations as possible. So, patient care also includes learning proper procedures for bathing and feeding patients, and helping them with other activities of daily living.

Assisting Health Care Professionals

Doctors and nurses often need a second pair of hands in any given situation. Patient Care Technicians help out by getting medical supplies and equipment ready and keeping patients as calm as possible. PCTs play a tremendous role in a patient’s overall care by making it easier for the doctors to do their jobs.

Taking Care of the Environment

Safety is a foundational factor of health care. Is there a cord on the floor that a patient or staff member could trip over? An unused piece of equipment in the hallway? As a PCT, you will have an eye on safety issues like making sure hallways and patients’ rooms are clear and uncluttered.

Cleanliness is another vital part of quality health care. Depending on the facility, a PCT may be in charge of changing patients’ bed linens. You will learn the proper technique for doing this during your college career at Caris College.

Help others by helping yourself to a quality education at Caris College.

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