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3 Top Trends in Career Schools right now

Career schools are ideal for students who wish to pursue a vocation in a specific area of expertise or trade. These specially designed programs prepare students to enter the workplace upon graduating from their degree or certificate program. If you’re looking to enter the workforce or hoping to transition to a new type of job, career schools are a great opportunity to make your vocational aspirations a reality.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected nearly every aspect of our lives, and education and the job market have gone through some major transformations. Looking towards the future, it’s important to understand what the job market will look like and what you’ll need to succeed and land the job of your dreams. The following are top trends in career schools right now and what we can expect to see over the next year and beyond.

Growth of Virtual Career Fairs

During 2020, the concept of virtual career fairs had grown significantly, and this is a trend that’s going to continue to stay more mainstream in the future in some shape or form. Eighty percent of colleges hosted a virtual career fair and 91% of employers attended one in 2020. Contrast this against years prior where a mere 15% of colleges hosted and 35% of employers attended – a huge jump from previous years.

Furthermore, students’ perceptions of virtual recruiting were also influenced by conditions set forth by the pandemic. Many of them give these events a thumbs up, and 87% would prefer some level of virtual recruiting events to help them land jobs after they graduate. As you get ready to enter your first job in a new career, virtual fairs are opportunities you should explore. Always check with your school to see what kinds of partnerships and job placement programs are available for you.

More Healthcare Certificate and Degree Graduates

The healthcare industry was experiencing a talent shortage before the COVID-19 pandemic, and this trend hasn’t waned a bit. Students wishing to enter the exciting – and fast-growing – healthcare field will find there are many opportunities, most steadily remaining high in demand.

If you’ve always wanted to get started in healthcare or make a career change, you can’t go wrong with any of these career training programs, all of which are offered at Caris College, because employers hiring for these positions all need experienced and knowledgeable candidates.

Focus on Fine-Tuning Soft Skills

The workplace of tomorrow is likely going to look quite different from the workplace of yesterday. The pandemic has drastically changed the types of skillsets people need. Most of the hard skills job seekers need for any given industry will remain the same, but many jobs will probably require candidates to attain stronger technology-based skills, as employers consistently need to adapt to respond to a constantly evolving world.

As a job seeker, you’ll need to put some focus on your soft skills going forward. Skillsets such as cognitive flexibility, ability to sense unpredictability, time management, emotional intelligence, social skills, collaborative skills, critical thinking, problem-solving, and the capacity to reimagine to identify solutions are all different types of soft skills employers will be seeking.

Start Your Journey to a New and Exciting Career Today!

Are you looking to level up to prepare for a new career journey? If you’re looking to pursue a profession to support the well-being of people or animals, Caris College will put you on the right path. Located in Jeffersonville, Indiana, just north of Louisville, Kentucky, Caris College’s degree programs are internationally accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools and are also approved by numerous other professional entities and partners. Financial aid is also available for students to apply.

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