Trending Careers for Dental Assistants

Trending Careers for Dental Assistants

Dental assistants really are like superheroes. They have the patience, they’re knowledgeable, and have the ability to calm patients who would rather be anywhere else. Yes, these patient care professionals are on the front lines to keep teeth healthy and patients smiling. But dental assisting isn’t just a one-size-fits-all career path. In the modern world of dentistry, there are plenty of different options to choose from based on your unique personality and interests. If you’ve been pondering a future in dental assisting, read on to learn about a few trending career paths for Dental Assistants. 

Specialized Dental Assisting

Gone are the days when dental assistants were limited to basic tasks. Today’s superheroes can specialize in various areas such as orthodontics, endodontics, pediatric dentistry, or oral surgery. By gaining specialized skills and knowledge, dental assistants can work in specific fields, providing specialized care and expertise. Specializing not only enhances job satisfaction but can also open the door to higher-paying positions.

Expanded Functions Dental Assistants (EFDA)

Expanded Functions Dental Assistants (EFDAs) have the authority to perform more advanced procedures under the direct supervision of a dentist. This role allows dental assistants to take on additional responsibilities, such as placing fillings, taking impressions, and applying sealants. EFDAs are in high demand, especially in states where regulations permit these expanded functions, making it a promising career path for dental assistants seeking advanced roles.

Teaching and Training

With the growing demand for dental assistants, there is a parallel need for qualified educators. Experienced dental assistants can pursue teaching and training positions in dental assistant programs. By sharing their expertise, these professionals contribute to the education and training of the next generation of dental assistants, shaping the future of the profession.

Digital Dentistry and Technology Integration

Like just about every other industry on the planet, the dental industry is embracing technology at an unprecedented pace. Dental assistants proficient in digital dentistry tools, such as CAD/CAM systems, 3D imaging, and electronic health records (EHR) software, are highly sought after. Embracing and mastering these technologies not only enhances efficiency in dental practices but also makes dental assistants indispensable team members.

Community and Public Health

Dental assistants can make a significant impact on public health by working in community clinics, public health departments, or outreach programs. These professionals play a vital role in promoting oral health education, preventive care, and treatment in underserved communities. 

Dental assistants are no longer confined to the traditional tasks of chairside support. And with the demand for dental assistants projected to grow at faster rate than all other occupations, adding nearly 26,000 new jobs by 2032, it’s also a profession with solid long-term job security. 

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