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Ultrasound Students Complete First Year Of The Sonography Program: Here’s What They Think So Far

Our Diagnostic Medical Sonography class of 2019 recently reached their one-year mark in the Caris College 2-year accelerated Ultrasound program! Lead Sonography Instructor, Kathy Brewer, had our day class students take some time to reflect as they concluded their first full year in the Sonography program.

Below are some thoughts some of our students shared about their journey as they completed year one. These students recently began there time in clinical rotations at various off-site facilities.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography One-Year Reflections

“ Caris College has been so helpful through everything. Yes, this program is hard. But, [the instructors] will do whatever it takes for us to be successful. I have also made some awesome friends that I can say will be my friends even after I’m done with school. I am thankful I made it this far. I couldn’t do it without everyone’s support.” | Nina

“I find myself constantly reminding myself of why I choose this career path in order to keep me motivated, but the longer my schooling continues, the more I notice myself focusing on the end goals and lives I hope to effect, more than the beginning daydreams. It is so heart lifting to finally be at the point in our schooling where we can finally interact with some of the people who will, one day, be just like the rest of our day to day patients.” | Madison

“As well, although this may seem to be a simple enjoyment but it still holds true that I find looking inside the human body to be such a fascinating and miraculous thing. Something, that would seemingly be impossible without a scalpel can be easily seen with sound waves.” | Marie

“At the beginning, I was very nervous that I wouldn’t be cut out for how fast the classes are and the accelerated workload. I was very happy and surprised at how doable it is, and so much fun at the same time! The teachers are amazing, and students come first. It is so hard to believe how fast it has flown! I can’t believe we are going to clinicals already.” | Makenzie

“I love the challenge that comes with this profession. It teaches you the true meaning of keep pursuing and do not give up. I cannot wait to finish up school and get my first job in the Sonography field. That will be the best feeling ever. Knowing that I am going to be able to be involved in the process of helping people get diagnoses is such a true gratifying feeling.” | Kayla

Now Accepting Applications for our Sonography Program

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