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Ultrasound Students Learn Hands-On During Clinicals

Some of our Ultrasound Technician students have recently begun their time working on their clinical hours for the Caris College Diagnostic Medical Sonography program. Some of the second-year students have recently shared some of their thoughts as they set out on their second and final year in the accelerated Sonography program. During their time in the Sonography program, our students spend more than thirteen hundred hours completing their clinical rotations. While completing these hours students get hands-on experience working in an operating office setting and working with patients.

“Going into clinicals us students know that our time here is going to be demanding, full of knowledge, learning and lastly rewarding. However, I don’t think any of us fully understood just how much our clinical sights would mean to us in the end. My clinical instructors have taught me a world full of knowledge in just 10 short weeks. Every day there is something new for me to learn and each time my instructors push me to attempt it but are there for me if I struggle and to teach me new information to help me the next time.

Being at a rural hospital, I get ample amount of one on one time with my instructors and patients. This has been such a blessing to me for my first rotation. My instructors never fail to take the time to let me scan patients, coworkers or even them. This allows me to learn first hand while scanning and not hesitate to ask questions.

Going into clinicals, I felt very confident in the information I had learned from books, boards, and research. However, clinicals have taught me that there is a whole other side to ultrasound that books simply cannot teach. Clinicals are able to show you real-life experiences, such as when the patient is unable to perform a task that is needed like, holding their breath. Seeing your instructors handle these situations teach us, students, how to handle them in future instances and make us feel more prepared for the job on our own. I’m so grateful for my specific clinical site because of how welcoming, caring and dedicated they are to their students and I could not be happier with my first clinical experience.” 

“I have experienced so much my first rotation of clinicals, it is so fun and such a great work atmosphere. I have learned a lot about scanning and how to become better every day! I think clinicals are very beneficial and give you real-life experience! Some of the most memorable moments come from the touching patients I have had. I wouldn’t trade this experience or this clinical site for anything!”

“My clinical experience has been humbling.  Before I started my first rotation, I was confident in my scanning skills and felt I was ready to jump right in and work.  The first week was a real awakening.  The patients are much more difficult to scan than other students.”

“I think clinicals are definitely a beneficial part of the sonography program. Clinicals have helped me piece together everything that I have learned in class. My clinical instructors at school and at the hospital have helped me grow to be the best sonographer I can be.”

“My experience so far has been great. I have wonderful CI, that always teaches me something new. I get a lot of hands-on training, which is awesome for me because that’s the best way I learn.”

“I LOVE clinicals. Each day brings new opportunities. I am so thankful for all of the techs at my clinical site that is leading me in the right direction every single day. I enjoy learning and seeing new things. Clinicals help bring everything together, and the hands-on learning is so helpful.”

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