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Ultrasound Students Complete First 6 Months Of The Sonography Program: Here’s What They Think So Far

Our Diagnostic Medical Sonography class of 2019 recently reached their 6-month mark in the Caris College 2-year accelerated Ultrasound program.

Lead Sonography Instructor, Kathy Brewer, had our day class students take some time to reflect their time thus far in the Sonography program.

Below are some thoughts our students shared about their journey so far in the Sonography program.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography 6-Month Reflections

“So here I am now 6 months into a 24-month program for Diagnostic Medical Sonography and absolutely loving it. It is so challenging and oddly enough, I love that. It just means that it is making me the best future sonographer I can ever be.”

“Also, we have our wonderful teachers. You cannot find the kind of teachers just anywhere that we are fortunate to have at Caris College. They are so passionate about the subject of Sonography that it rubs off onto all of us. They are so caring and want us to do well that it helps the atmosphere and wants us all to succeed.”

–  Kayla A 

“My favorite part so far is obviously scanning. I love lab days so that I can get a hands-on experience. When the program first started back in July, I thought it would take forever. I was very wrong. This program is very fast paced and hands-on and I love it.”

“I always wanted to be a nurse, but soon realized I didn’t want to deal with as many bodily fluids and other nasty things. I still definitely wanted to be in the medical field, so I researched around and decided Sonography was what I wanted to do.”

“My favorite thing to scan so far is gallbladders and livers. It’s awesome how fast we have learned the anatomy of the body so far.”

            – Makenzie E

“I like having small classes because the teachers give you that one-on-one attention I need. Since I’m not from America and I speak a different language it’s difficult for me to get everything quickly, I still process my thoughts in Russian and translate it into English. It’s a lot more work for me since I do that, but the teachers always explain everything more than one time which is awesome.”

“When I think of myself as a Sonographer it brings a smile on my face knowing that I will help the doctors to basically save someone’s life.”

            – Madison D

“Before I started school, I naively thought that Ultrasound was a field just for looking at babies, but it is so much more. Just based on what we’ve learned so far, limiting ultrasound to just babies would hardly scrape the surface of the possibilities with ultrasound. It’s such a diverse practice with different specialties, doing anything from Musculoskeletal to abdomen or obstetrics and a multitude of directions, such as being a teacher, or a traditional ultrasound technician, someone can take after graduation it’d be hard to get bored doing a job like this.”

“Really the only somewhat bothersome thing about this practice is how misunderstood it is, it may look like all we do is take pictures, but it’s not as easy as it may seem. We can detect gallstones, cysts, masses, cancer, and [scan for] abnormalities with a fetus.”

      – Marie C

“I feel that my schooling is set up to help me succeed in my future career. At this point in my classes, I have logged many hours of scanning time which will only help to prepare me for real life patient scenarios as well as give me confidence for future patient interactions.”

– Madison G

“The financial stability the career brings is definitely a plus when you consider becoming an ultrasound tech. It’s also a continuously growing field where new ways to scan are constantly being developed.”

“Going to school for ultrasound is challenging. You have to stay committed to studying on your off days and balancing life and work along with it. It’s important to keep in mind what you do today will definitely affect how you perform on test day. Eventually, you learn routines on how to study in increments rather than cram the night before, because the material you are learning can’t be left behind after the test. You carry the information taught to you in school throughout your whole career.”

      – Kaylin S

“Sonography so far has been very challenging. I have enjoyed learning about the machine and the transducer. I never knew so much went into the career. When we were reading books that told us about sonographer injuries I thought it was a joke, but after scanning in the lab for a few weeks I realized you always have to scan the correct way or you’ll be sorry.”

      – Taylor A

“Now that I am officially in quarter three, in the sonography program, I now have a clearer outlook on my future. I now know that this is definitely what I see myself doing and calling my career. I feel like I made the right choice by coming to Caris. Although I realize this will not be a walk in the park, I know that it will be well worth it.”

      – Katelin D

“The subject matter is still holding my interest and I am very excited for this term and next. I enjoy learning how the human body works and how it all interconnects. It amazes me every time I scan and see something new.”

“Being halfway through my first year of the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program, I can look back and see how much I have learned in such a short time frame. From lingo and terms associated with the profession to the ultrasound machine and the anatomy scanned, it has been a tremendous amount of information taught and retained.”

      – Katrinia R

Sonography Classes are now Forming

Are you interested in enrolling in our Diagnostic Medical Sonography program? Caris College is now taking applications for our 2018 Class.

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