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kathryn reed

Kathryn Reed

Katy was born and raised in Evansville, IN where she attended the University of Southern Indiana for nursing sciences. In 2019, Katy moved to New Albany, IN following a traveling nursing contract at Baptist Health Floyd Hospital. She also wanted to live close to her mother who has over 25 years of experience in healthcare. Katy now lives in Jeffersonville, IN with her boyfriend and two children. She joined the Caris College team in May of 2021.

Katy had several unique opportunities during her four years at USI, including serving on the Tri-State’s first dedicated education unit. After graduation, she moved to the ICU where her love for critical care nursing developed. After a one-year travel nursing stint, Katy settled into working in the CVICU in Baptist health Floyd hospital until she received her first teaching opportunity at ATA College. Katy’s first year of teaching was throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, where virtual learning and simulation took the nursing education world by storm. Through the tough year, Katy learned a valuable lesson: to lower the exceptions, you must raise the expectations. 

When Katy is not teaching, she enjoys video games on her Nintendo Switch, her two kiddos, and varying hobbies. She also designs nursing education supplements for her Etsy shop.