5 Tips to Alleviate School Stress

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Going back to school to further your education is a beautiful thing, but it can also be equally stressful. Especially if you’re juggling work, a family and other life priorities like keeping your dog walked and your grass cut. Yes, life can get hectic, even without the added stress of getting your education. So, what’s […]

What is Pre-Nursing and What can I do with this type of Degree?

Do you want to help people feel better? Do you get excited and feel a sense of pride when you can do something to support a person’s unique needs? You may be the ideal candidate for a pre-nursing degree. You’ll need to learn important skills and work to improve your ability to understand patient needs. […]

Considering a Career Change? Ask Yourself these 7 Questions

Making a career change is often a difficult decision for people to make, especially because they wonder if they’re making the right decision and are worried they might find themselves back in the same boat a year after making a career transition. When considering a career change and going into the medical field, there are […]

Benefits of a Career College/Trade School

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Individuals who are considering what to do after graduation or who desire to change career paths often decide to return to school. Did you know that traditional two or four-year colleges aren’t the only option? You can also consider going to a trade school, which is also often referred to as a vocational school or […]

How To Decide on a Career Path that Fits You

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Deciding what to do for the rest of your life is a big decision and pursuing the credentials you need to do the job is key. When pursuing education and vocational training, you want to select the right program to lead you on a career path that fits you. The four-year college route isn’t for […]

What to Expect After You Graduate

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Working to complete an educational program is a big step and it can provide a sense of accomplishment. But, what happens after you graduate? That depends significantly on the program you’ve selected as well as what your goals and needs are. What You May Need to Do After You Complete Your Program Each of the […]

3 Top Trends in Career Schools right now

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Career schools are ideal for students who wish to pursue a vocation in a specific area of expertise or trade. These specially designed programs prepare students to enter the workplace upon graduating from their degree or certificate program. If you’re looking to enter the workforce or hoping to transition to a new type of job, […]

How to Become an Echocardiography Technologist

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There are many great opportunities for people to work in the medical field. Cardiac sonography is one of those. When you work as an echocardiography technologist, you get the opportunity to help people learn about their heart. You also help medical professionals find new ways to improve the lives of those people, by finding out about their heart […]

Celebrating National Dog Day: Meet Grady

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It’s National Dog Day and Caris College is fortunate enough to have our own campus friendly fur baby to celebrate! Each morning students, faculty, and staff walk through the door and receive a warm welcome from Grady, a purebred Golden Retriever. Grady, also known as Grandy-Pants, is a therapy dog that belongs to the Program Director of  Veterinary […]

What is the difference between a CNA and an A/CT?

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One of the most common questions we hear at Caris College is, “What is the difference between an Acute/Clinical Technician (A/CT) and a Certified Nurses Assistant (CNA)?” The truth is that CNA training provides a few of the same skills taught in A/CT training but completing an A/CT program offers so much more, including three national certifications:  […]